Kerala: Appointment of two left-wing activists into government, public pledges by Pinaray government, alleged Congress

Prime Minister Pinarayi VijayanBy directing serious allegations to the ruling Lebanese government led by Prime Minister Pinarai Vijayan in Kerala state, which is a state unit. Congress The party claimed that more than two CPI-M party workers had been granted government jobs during his tenure. On Tuesday, opposition leader Ramesh Shinthala raised this issue in the council and released the names of Left Party workers appointed to various government departments and public projects.

Speaking to Financial Express Online, Kerala House Speaker Kodikkunnil Suresh said that so far the state government has appointed more than two party workers in various departments, boards, companies and public projects. Suresh said that between these two barriers, more than 1 lakh has been organized and the process is underway for further regulation.

After the CPM government came to power, they decided to appoint their cadres to the government as well as public duties without any test or interview. First, they said that they were hiring on a contract basis. But later they settled contracts and government employees. The committee approved their regular appointments. “Two Lakh party workers have already been appointed. Suresh also said that the state government at the time of these appointments is making them contractual,” the Congress leader said. “But 2-3 months before their term expires, the government organizes those who belong to CPIM,” on So claim.

The Congress leader further said that Kerala Film Academy President Kemal recently wrote a letter to the Prime Minister stating that 4-5 CPIM contract workers will always be “to protect our identity”.

“If these 4-5 workers are permanently assigned to Kerala Film Academy, they are always with CPM and do party activities in the academy, our left identity will be protected,” Suresh quoted Kamal as telling CM Vijayan. “This is happening everywhere in Kerala,” the congressman said.

On Tuesday, Congress said the Vijayan government has doubled the number of contractual appointments from the total number of appointments by the Kerala Public Service Commission (PSC). Congress leader Shafi Parambelle put forward a proposal in the assembly claiming that the “Public Service Commission” became the “Party Service Committee”.

Leader of the opposition Congress party in the assembly, Ramesh Chinthala, claimed that more than one person was appointed through the back door by the LDF government. Later speaking to reporters, he said the appointments were made for more than 40 public sector projects along with the government, board of directors and companies. The names of party workers who were recruited through the back doors were also released.

Among the leaders who landed positions in Kerala Industrial Infrastructure Development Company, A Rakhil, of CPIM MLA PK Sasi; DYFI A Nikhil leader; And US Rahul, son-in-law of N Sasidharan Nair, who once served on the personal crew in Pinarayi Vijayan.

(With input from agencies)

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