Katy Perry joins Pokemon Celebration 25

Believe it or not, Pokemon Celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. the first Pokemon Toys – Pokemon Reed And the Pokemon Green – It was released in Japan on February 27, 1996, although they wouldn’t make their way to the United States and Europe for more than two years after that. Pokemon tend to enjoy celebrations as big as this one, so it probably won’t surprise you to learn that they have some celebrations designed for them. PokemonTwenty-fifth.

The details about what next year will be in are a bit of a spotlight for now, but Pokemon has confirmed that this will be a year-long celebration. PokemonHistory. We’ll see new Pokemon TCG collections, new items available through the Pokemon Center Store, and apparently Pokemon’s plans include a musical party called “P25 Music” which will be headed by Katy Perry.

We’re not quite sure what P25 Music will entail, but having a name like Katy Perry on board really matters. Pokemon has confirmed that it has partnered with Universal Music Group for P25 Music, so we can likely expect more Universal artists to sign the project in the future. Pokemon Corporation said that more details about P25 Music will be revealed over time.

The Pokemon Corporation has also indicated that this celebration will take us on a “journey through.” Pokemon world “by revisiting which regions Pokemon The games are set in. We will start with the newest area – Gallar District Pokemon sword and shield – In March, we are working the way back to the Kanto region from Red and blueBut then again, the details on what this would include were not available today.

However, Pokemon released a rather enchanting video that works as a Pokemon thing in retrospective, and you can see that embedded above. We’ll let you know when The Pokemon Company reveals more about it Pokemon25th Anniversary, so stay tuned.

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