Katherine Hahn of WandaVision drew inspiration from a famous TV witch

Katherine Hahn is partly founded WandaVision A popular television glamor personality from the 1960s. Disney + MCU’s first TV show is said to beHalf the classic comic, half the amazing MCU ” Which is illustrated by the numerous trailers, TV commercials, and posters acquired by fans WandaVision This dimension. Every episode of WandaVision It will depend on different TV nodesDrawing inspiration from shows like I love Lucy, Leave it to SamurAnd and Full house, For example but not limited to.

While Scarlet Witch and Vision are clearly the main characters in the series, WandaVision It will introduce new characters as well. Two of the biggest characters featured in the trailer are the adult version of Monica Rambeau (Teyonah Paris) and a mysterious figure named Agnes (Hahn). Although he was in most trailers for the series, details of Han’s character were kept secret. People have long assumed that Agnes is actually Agatha Harkness, Salem Witch Trials who guided Wanda in the comic books. Trailers and TV Ads WandaVision She supported this theory, as she showed Agnes in a charming costume, and being the only character (besides Wanda and Vision) present in the various decades that the show has now started, Han shed further light on the “curious neighbor” character.

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In an interview with Screen rants, Hahn explained that her character is partly inspired by Samantha and Endora fascinated. Han compared Wanda and Agnes’ relationship with various classic TV couples such as Samantha and her mother, Indora, Laverne, and Shirley, and even Lucy and Ethel from I love Lucy. An excerpt from our interview with Han can be read below:

The chemistry between you and Elizabeth is amazing. What are the different television conjunctions from the past that you have studied to help clarify the ambiance and tone between the two?

Catherine Hahn: I mean Lucy and Ethel, of course. A lot there. Yes, Lucy and Ethel, [Samantha] And her mom is in Bewitched, that is, from the neighbors who will just come to Laverne and Shirley. They are all one you can think of.

WandaVision Katherine Hahn

While the question also defines Wanda’s relationship with her neighbor, the fact that she mentioned Samantha and Andorra from fascinated It is further evidence that Agnes is not just a “curious neighbor”. Although Agatha Harkness is an ally of Wanda in the comics, many speculate that Han’s character will be the villain in the series. Other rumors have dropped names like Grim Reaper, Death Doctor, And Nightmare, but so far, most signs indicate Hahn is the villain in the series.

Samantha and Andorra in fascinated A far cry from the villains, but the mention of the characters shows just how inspiring WandaVision Withdraw from popular TV series. Samantha Stephens, played by Elizabeth Montgomery, is one of TV’s best-known and best-known witches, so it makes sense that Hahn partially grounded Wanda and Agnes’ relationship on the iconic 1960s show. WandaVision It continues to appear completely It’s unlike anything Marvel fans have seen beforeThankfully, fans don’t have to wait that long to see him on the small screen.

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