Kate Robins and Victor Glover are spacewalking to prepare for solar panel upgrades

Two NASA astronauts made their way outside the International Space Station early Sunday morning at around 6:12 a.m. ET. Adventurous astronauts outside the space station are Kate Robins and Victor Glover Jr. They were on a mission to prepare the station for upcoming solar panel upgrades. The space walk was expected to last about 6.5 hours and be streamed live on the NASA website.

if it was Space walk Still going, responsible NASA website Viewable can be seen here. Both Robins and Glover have ventured out of the space station before. Glover walked my walk on previous missions, making today’s spacewalk the third. Robins performed spacewalks on her first orbit to the space station in 2016; And spacewalk today is also the third.

For those who wonder about astronauts going in space too early in the morning on the weekend, Kenny Todd, deputy director of the International Space Station program, said at last week’s conference, it was not a “Monday through Friday” program. Rubins and Glover will assemble and install modification kits for upcoming solar panel upgrades

The solar panels that power the space station are currently still functional, but they are deteriorating. A deterioration is expected because the panels have a lifespan of 15 years and were installed in December 2000. New solar arrays will be placed in front of the six arrays currently on the space station later this year, increasing power from 160 kW to 215 kW.

The new solar panels will head to the space station aboard SpaceX in June. Robbins will act as Crew 1 while on a spacewalk, wearing a red-striped suit, Glover will be a member of Crew 2, and his space suit will be without streak.

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