Kamala Harris always wears pearls. Now, in the sisters, so are they.

Mrs. Alison doesn’t take a day for granted. She said, “If I’m alive for the day of the inauguration and have my health, I’ll watch every bit of it.” On that day I will probably get dressed and put on some pearls. She wore it on her wedding day, 57 years ago, and put it on when attending church, which she is still trying to do.

Today will be particularly touching for her. “I remember very well when women did not have any kind of position, they had nothing to do but stay at home and have children,” she said. “I wouldn’t be here to see, but I think it would go further for women.”

With fewer opportunities to leave the house during a pandemic, some women are enthusiastic about any excuse to put pearls on. “I might go to the grocery store that morning just so people can see me wearing it with a big smile on my face,” said Jan Thompson Jorniac, 53, a forensic pathologist in Las Vegas.

For Gwen Kelly, 56, a project manager in Cincinnati, wearing pearls has been a transformative experience since she was a little girl. She said, “I used to try on the pearls of my grandmother and aunt all the time, and finally they got my own set when I was nine or ten years old.” “I always felt wearing pearls lifted me up.”

Other women buy their first set of pearls in order to be part of this community. Mrs. Gorniak never received a pearl, nor was she interested in it. “I’m not a great navigator,” she said. “I always saw pearls as being expensive and refined.” But this group on Facebook made her change her mind. On January 2, she went to Zales and bought a long string of pearls for her 53rd birthday. “Now I think they say, ‘I’m delicious, but at the same time, I have the strength,'” she said.

She hasn’t tried it yet, preferring to wait until January 20 to wear it for the first time, along with an outfit inspired by Mrs. Harris. “I’m going to wear a white shirt, black jacket, jeans, my converse, and pearls,” she said.

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