Johnson & Johnson has committed nearly $ 4 billion for the talc lawsuit

New York: Pharmaceutical maker Johnson & Johnson allocated $ 3.9 billion in litigation expenditures in 2020, which it said was “primarily linked to talc-related reserves and some settlements.”

The company is facing 25,000 lawsuits by former users of the baby powder who have said that the asbestos-coated talc in the product caused cancer, it said in a File Securities on Monday.

That number is nearly double the $ 2.1 billion the New Brunswick, New Jersey-based company said in November it would allocate to talc provisions.

Johnson & Johnson faced fierce scrutiny over the safety of baby powder after A. 2018 Reuters report Which I found had known for decades about the asbestos in talc.

Internal company records, experience testimony, and other evidence show that from at least 1971 to the early 2000s, J&J raw talcum powder and final powders were sometimes positive for small amounts of asbestos.

The drug company is appealing to the US Supreme Court against awarding $ 2.12 billion in damages in Missouri to women who blame asbestos in their products for ovarian cancer.

In November, a New York state judge ordered the company to pay $ 120 million in damages to a Brooklyn couple, after the woman blamed her asbestos exposure for cancer due to the use of baby powder.

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