John Legere, former CEO of T-Mobile, is considering running for the position

So, John Legere for President may be a hymn that we might hear in the future. He is running for the position, according to a report from the edge. The former CEO of T-Mobile posted on his site Twitter On January 7, “For the first time in my life I am already thinking about the possibility of running for office.”

Now, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to see another celebrity run for president. After the past four years, anyone can have the title of president. However, if Leger decides to run for president he could destabilize politics once again.

John Legere left the CEO and board memberships of T-Mobile after negotiating the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. Like many American citizens who have witnessed the chaos on Capitol Hill, Leger said he is sad, angry and horrific.

If he runs for president, he can change the way politics works. While at T-Mobile, Legere turned the company into Un-Carrier. Once T-Mobile became a Un-carrier, it terminated contracts, renewed mobile phone plans, and offered a variety of perks and free offers to customers.

With this in mind, Leger could build his presidency on changing what it means to be president again. He has been known to call Verizon and AT&T via social media when it comes to competition. This reckless attitude may help or hurt his political aspirations.

John Leger for President?

Besides his reckless attitude, he has a reputation for being the kind guy with his leather jackets and public presence. This might depart from the image of the ideal candidate. Although the past four years have been unconventional anyway.

However, policies like Medicare-for-all can fit well with Legere. Medicare-for-all easily fits Un-Carrier evaluation model. It sure will shake the country. Think about how T-Mobile makes certain streaming services not count toward your Customer Data plan. Live streaming of some services was free thanks to T-Mobile. Medicare for everyone could be a very similar step.

Now, some of Legere’s moves while the CEO wasn’t perfect. It supported net neutrality, but some programs were opposed to net neutrality. Binge on and T-Mobile preferred other perks the services the company has partnered with.

After these past four years, it is apparent that almost anyone can successfully run for the presidency. Given how Legere looks and improves T-Mobile and made it a force to be reckoned with, he could probably do some good.

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