Joe Biden signs the country’s return to the Paris Accords

It is one of the first executive orders signed by President Joe Biden. A few hours after taking the oath, the 46th president of the United States He immediately went to work targeting some key measures of his programs. Among them, a symbolic return of the United States to the Paris agreements that marks the end of the Trump era and that Emmanuel Macron did not stop quickly greeting. Apart from the weather problems, this decision is also political and economic.

Joe Biden’s hands are not tied by the oil groups that primarily fund Republicans. And while the oil industry is in decline, renewable energies advance, solar and wind power are on the rise. The electric car is no longer seen as a foreign object in the country with the rise of tesla and his boss Elon Musk.

Large environmental projects are also of political interest. Joe Biden wants to make it a main focus of his main works with 2,000 trillion dollars in 4 years.

yes the United States leads by exampleThis should facilitate the coherence of a global policy, an important gesture for the planet.

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