Joe Biden is 78 years old and some question his ability to govern

Since his official victory almost two weeks ago, Joe Biden seems quite composed, but enough is enough. The new president of the United States, whose victory was confirmed again last night In counting the ballots in the key state of Georgia, he denounced “the incredible irresponsibility of Donald Trump”, who persists in denying his defeat. The current White House tenant continues to report massive, unsubstantiated fraud.

Joe Biden, 78 years old today, and whose age is obviously on everyone’s mind, does he have the health to ensure his permanence in the better conditions and why not be reelected in 4 years. Without a doubt for those close to you.

His quick little steps at the start of a meeting, his bike appearances, are all “I’m in good shape” messages. His last public medical examination was almost a year ago, in December 2019. Three pages, where we can read that Joe Biden is being treated to improve his blood pressure, acid reflux and seasonal allergies. However, his doctor said he was vigorous and capable of performing the most important functions.

Double rupture aneurysm in 1988

The new Democratic president suffered a very serious health problem when he was 45 years old. A headache takes him to the hospital, he will be operated on for a double ruptured aneurysm. A priest had even been called to his bedside for the last rites. According to his doctors, there was no effect on his cognitive abilities.

Joe Biden is said to exercise five times a week. The oldest president-elect knows this, he will have to reassure them about your shape and health.

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