Jeffrey Epstein, a sexual predator above the law

In March 2005, the Palm Beach Sheriff registers the complaint of a father who claims that his daughter 14 years has been troubled for men. He says he discovered 300 euros in your bag and when he asked her where the money came from, she explained that she had made a homeowner massage of the Camino El Brillo, that of Jeffrey Epstein, 53. The police have already counted many comings and goings from young girls, even very young in this direction and therefore take the matter seriously.

Since surveillance are in place. In April, the police officers check the garbage in the villa and find a message from epstein for a date with a less, as well as the names of other girls, annotations and Telephone numbers. Investigations are carried out with the utmost discretion. Jeffrey Epstein is an ace of Finance with a lot of support.

The chief of police depends on a detective Jose Recaray, who will be the first to establish Jeffrey Epstein Dam Profile : less, issues of modest funds or injured, plagued by drug problems or school failure. The girls are rejected leaving university for women 25/30 years, who offer a visit to the village for 200 or 300 dollars. In October, the police began to hear about the chain of dozens of victims. They all tell the same story: massages that become touching, violent sexual assault and even violations. Very quickly about fifty victims were listed. The youngest are 14/15 years old.

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Jean-Gabriel Fredet, journalist and author of “L’île de tous les vices” published by Albin Michel
Olivier O’Mahony, New York correspondent for Paris party.

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