Japanese opposition leaders demand the cancellation or postponement of the Tokyo Olympics

Opposition leaders in Japan are increasingly calling on the government to cancel or postpone the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics again.

At a lower house plenary session on Thursday, Japanese Communist Party Leader Kazuo Shi urged Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga to cancel the Summer Games and focus his efforts on measures against the novel coronavirus crisis.

“What is the prime minister using as a basis for claiming the possibility of hosting the Tokyo Olympics?” A Shiite said.

And he called for the games to be canceled, citing the comment of the chief scientist of the World Health Organization that herd immunity could not be obtained through vaccinations during this year.

“It has become difficult to hold the Games,” said Yuichiro Tamaki, president of the Democratic Party for the People.

Tamaki told reporters that during the parliamentary session, he no longer seemed eager to host the Games.

While posing questions to Suga at a plenary session of the House of Representatives on Wednesday, Yukio Edano, leader of Japan’s prominent opposition Constitutional Democratic Party, expressed hope that the games would be held this summer.

But he quickly added: “As long as the Coronavirus is spreading, it is irresponsible to continue moving forward solely on wishful thinking.

She stressed that “we must close the holes.”

Also on Wednesday, the mayor of Osaka, Ichiro Matsui, the head of a regional party close to Suga, told reporters that it is impossible to end the vaccinations against the Corona virus by the summer and that the quadrennial sporting events, which were originally scheduled for summer 2020, should move to 2024.

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