Jailed French tourist indicted for “espionage”

At the end of February, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed the arrest, since May 2020, of a French citizen in Iran. Lawyer Saïd Dehghan indicated on Twitter on Monday March 15 that the young man, Benjamin Brière, appeared in court on charges of “espionage.”

In his post, Saïd Dehghan, lawyer for Franco-Iranian investigator Fariba Adelkhah, suggests that this trial for “espionage“, but also for”propaganda against the system“Policy of the Islamic Republic, coming to an end. The message is accompanied by a photo of a bearded young man against the backdrop of the typical arid Iranian mountainous landscape, and another showing what appears to be the same person jumping alongside a motorhome stopped in a salt lake.

“The defense of Benjamin Brière was carried out on the two charges of espionage and propaganda against the system,” writes the lawyer. “Charge of espionage (for) photographs of prohibited areas by this French tourist, “he continues. The French tourist was also accused of” propaganda “for having” asked the question (on social media) why the Islamic veil is + mandatory + in the Islamic Republic of Iran, but + optional + in other Muslim countries, ”added Saïd Dehghan.

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