Ivanka Trump following in her father’s footsteps to the White House?

Will there be a Trump again in the White House? The former American president dreams of that. Since his defeat on November 7, he has not ruled out running again in 2024, in case his maneuvers to denigrate the November elections did not offer him that much desired second director.

On paper, you have the right. The story even has a famous precedent: Grover Cleveland, elected in 1884, defeated four years later and finally reelected in 1892. The Constitution that limited President Trump to two terms, consecutive or not, was preparing, behind the scenes, possible news. request. In December, fundraising, as well as polls, also supported this hypothesis: 87% of Republicans said they were ready to vote for him again..

And then there was January 6: the riot in the Capitol, his speech calling on his supporters to “walk” in Congress to challenge Joe Biden’s certification, the gagging of his Twitter account and, ultimately, an increasingly isolated president among Republicans. Then, following a second indictment procedure to “incitement to insurgency” which currently compromises any desire for political reconquest.

So on January 20, before climbing the stairs of Air Force One and joining Mar-a-Lago, the usual “me” gives way to an unusual “we”: “We will return one way or another.” Sign that Patriarch Trump would consider turning him over? Nothing is less secure.

Florida as a base?

Still, in Florida, where you can count on a strong supporter base, Donald Trump is also surrounded by his clan. Tiffany Trump, the 27-year-old former president’s fourth daughter, has settled in South Beach. Donald Trump Jr. and her partner, Kimberly Guilfoyle, are looking for a place to settle north of Palm Beach.

And, according to the tabloids, his daughter Ivanka and her son-in-law Jared Kushner, just purchased a beachfront parcel of land on the ultra stylish and ultra safe Indian Creek Island, versus Miami, for more than $ 30 million. All of this therefore raises questions: What will the Trump-Kushner (“Jaranka”) couple, who advised the US president for four years, do in the “sunshine state”? Do you want to increase your popularity there?

Senate candidate in 2022?

“Ivanka definitely has political ambitions, of that there is no doubt”, states thus CNN a source close to the clan. An argument between father and daughter, revealed by the Daily mailsays a lot about the 39-year-old heiress’s ambition. Ivanka would have criticized the US president for rejecting the nomination of Joe Biden, on the pretext that this decision it does not “jeopardize” his “promising political career.” He even threatened to go there to “save his reputation.”

Ivanka will finally fly on the presidential plane on January 20 bound for Florida. Florida, where the former “first daughter” is seriously considering running for one of two senatorial seats in the November 2022 poll, according to various media reports. But she wouldn’t expect to stop there.

Ivanka first president?

In his book, Fire and fury, published in 2018, Journalist Michael Wolf assured that Ivanka dreams of being the first woman to lead the country. A deal has even been made with her husband Jared Kusher. “If the opportunity arises in the future, it would be to run for president,” the author wrote. “The first female president, Ivanka joked, would not be Hillary Clinton, she would be Ivanka Trump.”

A prospect that could very well come closer just as Donald Trump’s political future darkens. If you are prevented from running for the presidency a second time, However, the Republican billionaire would retain significant dominance over the party and its base. This would then place him in the advantageous position of “kingmaker”, and in this case “queen,” by 2024. Thereafter, his father’s “favorite” could also become her in the eyes of Americans. .

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