It’s the PS5 restocking war and the speculators and robots win

With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X continuing to sell out right away – apparently the moment the new stock is listed – there is a lot of concern from regular consumers that the speculators are beating everyone up. When it comes to the latest PS5 restocking from British retailer Argos, that appears to be exactly the case, as a group of organized speculators were able to take advantage of a loophole to buy shares before Argos intends to open sales to the general public.

Initially Reported by IGN After speaking to anonymous sources familiar with the matter and later confirmed by Argos itself, these speculators – organized with a paid Discord server – were able to purchase a number of PlayStation 5 consoles on January 25, a day before it was due to go on sale in Argos. Some of these speculators have even taken to social media to show off what they have done.

Argos was apparently able to stop some early sales, but the company confirmed in a statement to IGN that there was a technical issue that had allowed some people to buy PS5 stock early. The company said that it “identified a technical problem that allowed a small percentage of customers to submit orders early,” before clarifying the obvious, and indicating that these units are in great demand.

“Our customers are clearly excited about the new PlayStation. We released a small amount of additional stock and saw huge numbers of customers trying to place their orders with us and we are now sold out,” the retailer said. It’s a bad thing to have to deal with speculators and robots when the playing field is even, but if there are organized groups looking for loopholes that they can capitalize on, it is all too easy to feel extremely deprived as a regular consumer. Looking forward to having a next generation console.

Stock issues for both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 have remained constant since the consoles were released in November. With demand soaring, these equity problems are unlikely to be resolved anytime soon. Those looking for console locking tips can check out our buying guide for more information, but unfortunately, we don’t have any advice about hitting bunches of regulated speculators who are taking advantage of the retailer’s technical issues.

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