It’s horrific: Coronavirus deaths in the US are on the rise again

Things seemed to be getting better, but Sierra Macias took a turn for the worse. He was 49 years old.

Mr. Alvarado said it was difficult to deal with such a loss even when it seemed that the people around him were not taking the virus seriously, thinking it was overstated or somehow thinking it was not dangerous.

“People seem to think the news is overly thought, and an exaggerated talk,” said Mr. Alvarado, who said he was waiting for papers to send the body of his father-in-law to be buried in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where cemeteries are running out of rooms. “You don’t realize the situation until you live through it.”

Improved medical treatments for the virus have appeared in the months since it first arrived in the United States, giving hope that even if cases rise before a vaccine becomes available, deaths may be delayed.

Steroid, Dexamethasone, Has been shown to help critically ill people. to me Treating new antibodiesSimilar to the treatment that President Trump was given shortly after being infected with the Coronavirus, he just got emergency approval from the Food and Drug Administration; Doctors now know how to turn patients on their stomachs to improve oxygen flow, which is one of the many best practices to emerge over the course of months of dealing with Covid-19. Case mortality – a crude measure that looks at the proportion of people who die among those who test positive for the virus – has decreased during the pandemic, according to public health experts. This is partly because the country is conducting more testing, and also because age demographics have changed, with more cases among young people, who are less likely to have serious illnesses.

However, hospitals are now filled with patients, threatening the limits of medical systems in some regions. There are more than 68,000 people in the hospital With the virus, more than two previous peaks in the spring and summer. Even the best medicine and technology lose their usefulness if too many people get sick at the same time, which taxes employees and supplies.

“When the health care system is overwhelmed, nobody is getting optimal care,” said Dr. Jessica Gostman, an epidemiologist at Columbia University.

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