It drops Fortnite maintenance patch for PCs, consoles, and Android devices

A few days after the game’s Season 6 release, Epic released a maintenance patch that addresses some issues in the It is an electronic gameCreative mode. The update first arrived for PCs and consoles, but it has also arrived for Android mobile carriers as well. If you notice some missing decorations in Creative, you will need to follow Epic’s instructions to get them back.

A maintenance patch, as its name suggests, is a minor update that addresses some issues introduced with the major season update released earlier this week. Earlier today, Epic said the patch was available for download and installation on PCs, Xbox, PlayStation 4 and 5, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

In an update a few hours later, the company said that Android users can now also download and install a maintenance patch. While it is not necessary to play the game, the patch will address some issues that appeared in the game’s Creative Mode.

Once installed, you should return the missing decorations from some of the galleries in Creative. Likewise, the patch addresses an issue that prevented Creative players from dropping certain specific ammo and items.

Assuming the patch has started your way, you’ll see a prompt to install it either after you’ve finished playing your most recent game or when you first launch the game after it’s released. Epic says any creative props that do not contain materials must be replaced after the patch is installed.

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