Is local containment abroad considered effective?

New sanitary measures will be put in place to try to counter the virus in Nice. Local containment is a clue that is still mentioned and, for the moment, still in question. An effective solution, however, say the specialists.

Mtsamboro, a municipality of Mayotte Known for its typical Indian Ocean landscape, it is also part of our national covid history as it was the first to be redefined. On July 25, following an outbreak of cases, the Mayotte authorities confined this town for two weeks.

And then, on February 5, the entire island of Mayotte was reconfigured for at least three weeks. These are the two examples of French local reconfiguration, which has never affected the municipalities of France.

And yet, the scenarios of ruining part of the territory exist since March 2020. At that time, we were talking about the confinement of Île-de-France and Grand Est, the President of the Republic decided on a national confinement. At the beginning of April, the figures improve, Edouard Philippe and the Academy of Medicine want to scratch their beard thinking about the regionalized lack of focus.

The government ignores local reconfinations

Jean Castex, then coordinator of the deconfinement strategy, explains to the senators that it could, in case of resumption, be localized reconfigurations. It is said that Île-de-France and Grand-Est will come out last, finally on May 11, the lack of refinement will be national.

We talk about it again in September for the start of the school year, then at the end of October at the time of the second lockdown and then the measure disappears with the end of the year celebrations. The JDD found traces of this idea of ​​local confinement in an opinion of the Scientific Council of January 13. Praised by elected officials in Moselle and the Alpes-Maritimes, this idea has never been deemed relevant by the government without actually giving the reasons.

The idea of ​​closure on weekends on the outskirts of nice Let’s imagine the reasons that make you doubt the subject, the fear ofa drop in the economy in part of the territory and concern for equality, always prevalent in decisions in France. We have seen it in the confinements and in the access to the vaccine. The case of Mayotte is different given the violence of South African variant acting on the ground.

Periodic reconfinations abroad

In the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, they all continue to practice local confinements or have already done so at least once a year. In Germany, last June, slaughterhouses in the west of the country are suspected of covid cases, two municipalities will experience local closures, but all countries later returned to national closures. Success on the other hand in New Zealand, Auckland, used to reconfinements. Three days in August, three days last week and it’s running fast and strong.

the Portugal, opted for the weekend only as Guyana at the end of January. Before opting for a confinement at 7 pm from Saturday night to Monday at 5 am Fewer cases, to the point that this morning the Parisian newspaper explains that the region is experiencing an epidemic honeymoon.

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