Is Donald Trump a threat to American democracy?

Donald Trump still does not want to acknowledge his defeat despite the rejection of his resources by the courts. And despite, too, the vote count in Georgia confirming Joe Biden’s victory. The president-elect denounced the “incredible irresponsibility” of Donald trump who according to him questions “the functioning of democracy”.

Donald Trump is completing his presidency when he entered politics, in 2011, when he cynically chose propagating dark conspiracy theories to suggest that Barack Obama was illegally elected. By questioning the fact that indeed the first black president was born in the United States, which is a legal condition to access the White House.

That’s how Donald Trump has prevailed in the political debate, repeating day after day these nauseating rumors, to infuse the poison of suspicion. This is how the reality TV host became essential.

The lie, Trump’s trademark

President Obama has fallen into the trap. He hoped to put an end to this racist rumor by making public his birth certificate which proved that he was indeed born on American soil. But that didn’t extinguish those conspiracy fantasies that have continued to thrive on social media. Obama was naive, he believed in the supremacy of facts, while Trump has understood since his debut in New York the power of lies.

He lied about everything. His conquests, his fortune, even the number of floors in the Trump Tower… But basically, when he was just a celebrity in the Manhattan tabloids, he didn’t do much damage. After four years in the White House, it is still too early to measure the extent of damage.

He is not the first president to lie. Clinton and Nixon have been threatened with impeachment for their lies, but Trump is doing so at an unprecedented rate and volume.

Washington Post he has kept a detailed account of all his lies and misleading statements since his presidency began. During the last reading in September, the meter was already on 22,510 lies, which is an average of 17 per day. But this average is misleading, because the frequency has only escalated over the course of his presidency. According to this statement from Washington PostDonald Trump was, in his last months of campaign, more than 50 lies a day on average.

Trump transformed the public debate

This is what we will remember from his presidency. This war against the truth. Although most Americans do not believe most of his lies, he casts doubt, undermines trust in institutions, and fuels fears.

Donald Trump has continued to blur the line between true and false, between fact and fantasy. He lulled many Americans with lies. Most are not even bred, or barely.

Why is this so serious? Why the president has denied the axis around which the public debate revolves. It is to say a truth admitted by all. In a democracy everyone can give their opinion, debate, oppose, criticize … We can even occasionally insult ourselves. But with one condition: that we all start from a common base, the facts.

A democratic disruption that is not just American

If we do not agree with the facts, thenThe democratic system cannot work. It’s that easy. Each one then feeds suspicions about the other, we tolerate less and less that the other has a contrary opinion, because we do not share this common basis of the truth of the facts. Look at the damage from the lies about the virus.

It is because it considers that Donald Trump despises the truth, privileges fiction over fact, misleads Americans, that Joe Biden accuses the president of being a threat to democracy.

But beware. It didn’t start with Donald Trump, he’s the one symptom rather than the cause of this democratic breakdown. And this threat doesn’t just weigh on American democracy.

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