Inspector General of the Ministry of Defense to investigate the transfer of the Space Command headquarters

The Pentagon’s Office of the Inspector General announced Friday that it will investigate the Trump administration’s decision to move US Space Command headquarters from Colorado Springs to Alabama.

The office says it will consider whether the decision “complies with the policies of the Ministry of Defense and the Air Force” and whether “relevant and objective recording factors” were used in making the decision.

The Trump administration announced on January 13 that its space headquarters will be in Huntsville, Alabama, much to the ire of Republican and Democratic officials alike in Colorado.

Senior politicians, including Gov. Jared Polis and all nine members of the congressional delegation in Colorado asked the Biden administration to reconsider the decision and investigate whether the Trump administration’s choice was politically motivated.

The Space Command headquarters are temporarily located in Colorado Springs. The city was set to host the headquarters until at least 2026, when it gets a permanent home.

Colorado leaders have secured the headquarters for years. The command is expected to bring in more than 1,400 soldiers and civil servants and proponents of maintaining the Colorado headquarters say it will do well with the state’s huge aviation industry.

“It is imperative that we carefully review what I think will prove to be a fundamentally flawed process focused on counting beans rather than American dominance of space,” said US Representative Doug Lamborne, a Republican from Colorado Springs.

Lamborne praised the investigation by the Inspector General.

He added, “I will continue to work to ensure that this decision is not taken without political bias or arbitrary and inappropriate measures that would materially harm our national security and impede the critical mission of the space leadership.”

US Senator John Hickenlooper, a Colorado Democrat, echoed the sentiment.

“Moving space command from Colorado has no meaning,” Hickenlooper tweeted. “Glad the Inspector General is getting to the bottom of this.”


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