in the UK, season 4 is not just emulated

It is almost a crime of lese majesty that is denounced on this side of the Canal. This is how Elizabeth II is portrayed in the fourth season of the hit series The crown, on the British monarchy, which shocked the most. “The queen is presented as an insensitive and cold being”, indicates Richard Fitzwilliams, specialist in the Monarchy.

“The mafia inspires more confidence than the royal family shown here”, continues this specialist of the Monarchy. “She is presented as some kind of evil alliance. They are not human. It is true that there was coldness towards Diana, and Harry and Meghan could end there, but a lot many things are going to throw away. The only one who does not defend himself in the press is the Prince Charles and his deal with Princess Diana.

The actress who plays Lady Di herself is critically acclaimed. But Gillian Anderson, ex X files taking the epaulettes of the Iron Lady, she takes him by rank. “For Margaret Thatcher to take herself for a rival of the queen does not make sense. I’m disappointed. You don’t pay this attention to detail from the first three seasons, ”said Robin Callender Smith, another specialist on the Monarchy.

The aristocracy itself feels offended. To suggest that Prince Philip is hunting by doing it in the middle of August as in the first episode, “is an insult”, it seems.

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