hundreds of coffins in the sea after a landslide

Fortunately, human damage is limited, but a landslide near the city of Genoa, in ItalyHowever, it has important consequences. the International mail, citing several Italian media, reports that a cemetery located on top of a cliff collapsed on Monday, February 22, causing about 200 coffins and two chapels in its fall.

Fortunately, workers working on the cliff had time to flee the scene before suffering potentially serious or even fatal injuries. “The area was under control, guarded and cordoned off for a few days while crackles were heard.“explains a councilor from Camogli, scene of this collapse, to the Italian media Il Secolo XIX.

The emergency services were advanced on the spot to try to recover the coffins fallen into the water, specifies Courrier International. On social media, videos and images of the cemetery make it possible to measure the extent of the damage.

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