how Trump trains his party to deny defeat

It’s one more disappointment for President Trump, who still refuses to admit defeat. The State of Georgia counted all ballots by hand and confirms Joe Biden’s victory. It took 6 days, but Republican officials in that state confirm that Biden wins, by 12,284 votes, and that there were no major fraud or wrongdoing.

It’s been nearly two weeks since Trump’s team filed court cases, but in state after state, the judges are rejecting them for lack of evidence. So, after a series of court rulings, the camp Trump now seeks to pressure Republican elected officials in these key states, so that they do not certify the results. The president even called some in Michigan to invite them to the White House.

In recent hours there has also been a press conference full of lies from the president’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, who continues to spread rumors about voting conditions in Michigan, Pennsylvania, accusations that have already been dismissed. days for justice.

Some people yell from the force blow, but it was closer to the joke, because Giuliani was sweating a lot. the chestnut color of her gray hair flowed on your cheeks.

The president probably no longer believes he can win. But he can’t bear to lose, because he’s always been terrified more than anything by the fear of looking weak. But to lose, or rather to recognize that we have lost, is to appear weak, according to him. He prefers to live his last years maintaining the illusion that he has not really lost.

Republicans fear retaliation

And then, by fueling the anger of his constituency, he reserves options for the future. Will you try launch a rival television channel Fox News How do some of your followers think? Will you appear in 2024? Or just remain the kingmaker in the Republican Party, which is still Trump’s party.

And in the Republican field, if the elected officials do not ask him to acknowledge his defeat, it is because they fear the president’s revenge, because he maintains control of the electoral base. The essential short-term goal of Republicans is maintain the Senate and therefore impose a form of coexistence on President Biden.

It will be played in two second rounds in early January in Georgia. The fear of high-ranking Republican elected officials is that if they pressure the president to admit defeat, he will retaliate by asking his supporters not to vote for the party’s candidates in Georgia. This is what he has already done in the past for senators who dared to oppose him.

And then, in the longer term, all those who dream of being a candidate in 2024 especially do not want to anger Donald Trump, for the same reason, for fear that he will avenge giving instructions to vote against them.

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