How to watch BlizzConline’s opening ceremony and gamepads

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, Blizzard decided last year not only to delay BlizzCon – its annual event featuring details of new games and major updates to the current set of titles – but also to turn it into an online-only relationship. This new event, dubbed BlizzConline, will finally happen this weekend, and judging by some leaks so far leaked, it’s definitely worth a follow-up despite the fact that it will have a completely different character.

This year, things are going a little differently than they used to be. While Blizzard usually broadcasts a BlizzCon opening party for free for everyone to watch, the panels and the next deep dive usually require a virtual BlizzCon ticket. That’s not the case this year as everything is free to watch, and you have plenty of options when it comes to how to watch everything the company has prepared for BlizzConline.

However, the main attraction for most people will be BlizzConline’s opening ceremony, as Blizzard will release all of its big advertisements for the next year. The easiest way to watch is through Blizzard Channel On the BlizzCon website, although Blizzard and The Game Awards will host the opening party on their YouTube channel. If you want to watch in a language other than English, Blizzard probably has you covered there as well, and you can find links to foreign language streams at This blog On the BlizzCon website.

There you will also find links to the various gaming channels that will be hosting panels and deep dives after the opening ceremony. The Blizzard channel linked above will cycle events and boards from all 6 channels, but if you’re primarily interested in one game over any other – for example, World of Warcraft or A demon It might be better for you to set the specific channel for that game.

Even without a personal event, it looks like BlizzConline will have a packed schedule. The hour-long Opening Ceremony kicks off today at 2 PM PDT / 5 PM EST, so if you’re a fan of one or several Blizzard games, be sure to set aside some time later today to enjoy it.

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