How to use basil essential oil?

Extracted from the “ocimum basilicum” flowers,basil essential oil It is commonly used in cooking to enhance the flavor of dishes. But it is also invited in the field of aromatherapy. Digestive par excellence, invigorating and soothing, it has many health benefits.

What are the properties of basil essential oil?

Basil essential oil is the preferred remedy for treating daily worries.

Basil comes in about a hundred varieties, but only a few have therapeutic properties. The most beneficial basil essential oils are:

  • Tropical basil essential oil or exotic.
  • Large green basil essential oil.
  • Essential oil of holy basil or tulsi.

Tropical basil essential oil

Rich in methyl chavicol, the essential oil of tropical basil it is an excellent antispasmodic. It is an effective remedy to calm nausea, stomach aches, digestive cramps, and bloating. It also relieves digestive disorders of psychosomatic origin by acting on both the digestive system and the nervous system.

Large Green Basil Essential Oil

Large Green Basil Essential Oil It is appreciated for its invigorating action on the body. It is ideal for recovering energy in case of fatigue. High in linalols, grand vert basil is also a good natural sedative. Regulates the central nervous system and triggers relaxing, calming and anxiolytic effects. Like tropical basil, large green basil also contains methyl chavicol which makes it a strong intestinal antispasmodic, effective in reducing digestive spasms.

Holy basil essential oil

Due to its concentration of phenols, holy basil essential oil is known for its inflammatory, anti-infective, and immunostimulating properties. It is a wonderful cure for small winter ailments such as flu, colds, sinusitis, bronchitis … It is also an antiviral, an antibacterial and a very powerful air antiseptic. In addition, it would also have properties on cholesterol by regulating the level of triglycerides contained in the blood.

Basil oil

What are the benefits of basil essential oil?

The benefits of Basil EO they are numerous. It would seem that it is a remedy of choice for the fair sex in case of painful periods. In addition, it fights dysmenorrhea. Acting on the digestive system, it also relieves nausea and bloating that accompany pregnancy.

Basil essential oil it also has a tonic effect on the mind. Calm anxieties and boost morale. It is especially recommended in case of postpartum depression.

Basil essential oil is also a valuable ally for healthy and radiant skin. Excellent antioxidant, it is an interesting anti-aging treatment. In addition, it purifies the skin and reduces blemishes. It is especially indicated for treating oily acne-prone skin. Basil essential oil cleanses and conditions hair. Tones the scalp and helps fight hair loss.

To multiply the Basil essential oil benefits, you can combine it with other essential oils. In case of swelling, for example, it is possible to mix a intestinal antispasmodic basil essential oil with bergamot. In case of stress or nervous fatigue, you can combine it with peppermint essential oil and black fir oil.

What are the uses of basil essential oil?

Its biochemical composition gives it multiple benefits of basil essential oil. Therefore, this product is suitable for treating various ailments, ranging from digestive disorders to concentration problems, through anxiety, migraines, fatigue, etc.

Against stomach aches

In case of stomachaches that make you bend in half, what you should do is massage your stomach with 3 drops of exotic basil essential oil mixed with 20 drops of argan oil. Also, drink an infusion withBasil essential oil aids digestion.. It is also indicated in cases of heaviness in the stomach and bloating.

Against insomnia

Does the dream escape you? To fall into Morpheus’s arms, put a small drop of basil essential oil on your pillow. Its sedative effect helps you fall asleep. This gives you optimal recovery and better physical condition when you wake up. For sleep well, an essential oil of basil is an alternative of choice to avoid the harmful effects of the classic sleeping pills on health.

Against stress and anxiety

For people stressed out on a daily basis, basil turns out to be a shock treatment to relax. For this, use basil gel Or add 2 to 4 drops of this oil, diluted with vegetable oil in your bath. It can also be used as a diffusion or applied to the wrists for inspiration from time to time.

Against fatigue

In case of fatigue, the good reflex is to massage the back with a mixture made with essential oils of basil, spearmint, black fir, argan and scots pine. This remedy is also effective in treating muscle and joint pain, massaging the affected area.

Against migraine

Basil essential oil acts on the brainstem to regulate the nervous system. This elixir is effective in treating migraine headaches, as well as stress, anxiety, and depression. In case of a headache or nervous tension, consider massaging the temples with a drop of basil essential oil mixed with argan oil. You can also inhale it by pouring 2 drops of this oil into a bowl of hot water.

Against respiratory problems

Its expectorant property makes the essential oil of wild basil an effective remedy to treat the flu, colds, oily coughs and any other respiratory problem. In this case, it can be taken as an infusion or by massaging the upper part of the back or the soles of the feet.

Have beautiful skin and healthy hair.

Basil essential oil, the best ally of beauty, is part of the composition of many cosmetic products. Associated with the essential oil of rosemary or tea tree, the African basil It has interesting effects on the skin by eliminating blemishes, wrinkles and acne. It can also be included in the shampoo to stop hair loss.


Precautions for use and contraindications of basil essential oil.

Basil essential oil can be allergenic for some people. That is why it is advisable to seek the advice of a physician before use, especially if taken orally. Also avoid abusing it by prolonging the duration of its use or consuming it in high doses. An overdose or repeated use of basil essential oil presents a danger. It can be fatal because it is hepatotoxic.

Also keep in mind that basil essential oil in its pure state is dermocaustic, that is, it causes skin burns. This is why you need to know how to treat basil before any cutaneous application, for example, diluting it as much as possible in vegetable oil. Also, it is recommended to do a skin test two days before use to see if there is any allergic reaction or side effects for basil. To do this, simply apply a small dose to the bend of the elbow.

Basil essential oil is not suitable for people with epilepsy or blood thinners. It is also contraindicated for pregnant and lactating women. Although it helps calm nausea, it is not recommended during the first two trimesters of pregnancy.

Basil essential oil should also be avoided in children under 8 years of age. To avoid any incident, take care to store essential oil bottles in a safe place, out of the sight and reach of small children.

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