How to restore purchase licenses on PS5

If you are transferring data from PS4 to PS5, there is one thing you may need to prepare for, and that is a fact that you may need to regain licenses for purchased content.

This is not necessarily something that you should do. But you must be prepared for the possibility that you may encounter some content not being able to play. If that happens, we will not lose all hope. Sony has been able to reclaim licenses for things it has already paid for.

Be it games, movies, music, or more. If you are not sure how to restore licenses for purchased content on PS5, don’t worry. In this small, easy guide we’ll show you how to complete this step-by-step process.

Hopefully, however, you don’t need to use the guide, but it’s a good idea to know what to do in the event that you do.

Why you might want to restore licenses on your PS5

You won’t necessarily want to, but one day you might. This is especially true at the moment for some folks who have PS5 first generation versions.

Since some owners have encountered issues with the PS5 as they are not aware of some of the games they have purchased on their PS4.

Sony has already confirmed that 99% of the PS4 games will work on the PS5 as well. So if you come across something that you cannot install, this is the reason why you will need to restore the licenses on your PS5.

How to restore licenses for purchased content on PS5

First check if any games or content are not working

As mentioned above, you may not even need to restore licenses. Sony has integrated this feature should it emerge. But the ideal scenario is that everything you have purchased can be accessed without problems.

So, go to your library and find any games you might want to install that you have purchased in the past. This includes PS4 and PS5 games. If you find any games displayed on the Product Show, The PS5 will not be able to know you have a license for that game, and you may need to restore it.

Now that you know this, you can move on to the next step.

Go to the settings menu

PS5 Licenses Restore 2

You will find the ability to restore any licenses for PS5 or PS4 games in the settings menu. It’s kinda hidden as it’s not the kind of feature that really needs a front end. But since you have to search for a little bit, it can be difficult to find for some.

Once in the settings screen, you will want to head over to the Users and accounts Selection. This is the same section where you find the ability to link accounts for things like Spotify so you can listen to music while playing games.

Click another section

Under else You will find the option to restore your licenses. Keep in mind that you should only do this in certain situations. If you have a specific game that does not allow you to install it even after purchase, for example.

Once in else Section of Users and accounts Screen, click the option Restore licenses. You will be greeted with a small dialog telling you that license restoration is intended for use if you end up not being able to access content that you downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

It should be noted that if you restore licenses, any currently open games and applications will be closed during the process.

Which means you should only do this if you aren’t already playing a game, have saved it recently, or if you agree to close games and restart from a previous checkpoint.

Licenses restoration cannot be guaranteed to fix the issue

In most cases, this should resolve your inability to download content that you paid for. But it must be said. This is not a foolproof solution.

There are likely to be times when some users may regain licenses and still be unable to access the content. If this happens to you, your best bet at this point is Contact Sony And see if they can help you further to get there again.

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