How to redeem a code on Stadia

When it comes to games on Stadia, in most cases you will either have to buy a game or you will be able to claim it for free as part of your Pro membership, but sometimes you will also be able to redeem a code for playing it. Make it free.

Now, the game code for Stadia isn’t something you’ll run into often. A lot of players might not know how to redeem a code on Stadia. Especially if they never have to do so.

This is what this practical guide is about. It teaches you how to redeem codes in case you manage to get one at some point. Indeed, the process is very fast and not complicated at all.

How to redeem a code on Stadia

First, head over to the Stadia webpage on your phone’s browser

The first thing you need to do is go to the Stadia webpage. It can’t be done from the Stadia app or the interface on the Chromecast Ultra. However, you don’t need to do this from the Stadia web page on your desktop browser either.

You can go to Stadia Web Page Your comprehensive mobile Chrome browser. Although you will need to set it on the desktop version of the site by going through the full menu. You can find this in the upper right corner of the browser UI. It’s the button that looks like three dots.

Click on that then look into the file options Desktop site Setting, and click that. This will reload the current page you are on and then you will be able to proceed to the next steps.

Head over to the Stadia web page on your desktop browser

Stadia Redemption Code 3

As mentioned above, you can also go to the Stadia webpage from the Chrome browser on the desktop. And to be honest, this will be the easiest route if you have an accessible desktop or laptop computer.

Since you will not have to perform all the remaining steps from a smaller user interface because the desktop website will appear small on the phone screen.

Click or tap on your profile avatar

Stadia Redemption Code 2

Once the site loads, whether it’s through the Chrome app on your mobile phone or the Chrome browser on the desktop, click or tap on your profile avatar to open the profile menu.

You’ll find quite a few different options here, but the one you’re looking for is Stadia Settings menu. Click or tap on it to open Settings.

Click or tap on the option “Redeem Code”

Now that you are in Settings, click or tap on File Redeem the code Option that you see along the side. This will open a small dialog box allowing you to enter the code you received.

After entering the code and clicking or tapping the redeem button, you’ll see a screen update that now shows the game the code was intended for. You will now need to press the prompt button that pops up with this.

Once prompted, this will lock and use this game code in your account. And then you’ll own that game. It’s that easy. Now the next time you go to your game library, you will see the game you just recovered.

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