how to make them yourself?

Are you tired of all those products with questionable ingredients in your bathroom? So he home cosmetics they are made for you. Simple to implement, they are also great for reducing your waste. In addition, you can create your own “potions”, of course making sure to adapt them to your needs and those of your skin. But above all, you are also making a gesture for the planet by favoring 100% natural and 100% biodegradable materials.

Traditional cosmetics or homemade cosmetics: what to choose?

Between the natural and the industrial, the battle continues. Whether for food, cleaning products and even cosmetic, organic alternatives are gradually regaining their place in our lives. The industrial problem is in fact its content. Too often this includes non-certifiable ingredients, the names of which do not necessarily evoke safety in use. And that’s certainly not ideal when it comes to taking care of your skin.

Between preservatives, artificial colors and fragrances, as well as potentially toxic chemical compounds, we are no longer there. With the homemade cosmetics on the other hand, we favor the natural, the ingredients that do not attack the epidermis, but on the contrary treat it. Especially since a natural beauty product it will respect the properties of your skin.

Home cosmetics

Why make your cosmetics yourself?

More and more people aspire to consume better, to reduce waste and limit your carbon footprint. Well did you know that you can do the same for your homemade facial treatment ? The rest, make your own cosmetics equates to considerable savings. Very often, the ingredients are already in your kitchen. And even if you have to go shopping, the cost is much lower than chemical compounds.

In addition, the home cosmetics allows great flexibility to customize your creams, lotions, and masks. You will have several alternatives at your disposal. You can then choose based on the outcome you expect and your specific needs. It is also a very fun activity to do with family, friends or alone. You can experiment with the products and vary the mixes infinitely.

With the Homemade, you also control the ingredients and therefore, also, the quality obtained, either for a homemade wrinkle cream, to homemade facial cream or even a homemade toothpaste.

How to make homemade cosmetics?

Although the homemade natural cosmetics It has many advantages, you also need to take some precautions in order to fully benefit from them.


As the homemade cosmetic recipes Do not include preservatives, respecting basic hygiene rules is essential. This will limit the growth of bacteria that can cause allergic reactions. So before starting your preparation, sanitize all the materials you will be using. Sterilization with 70% alcohol (with a small cloth) or boiling water (for at least 5 minutes) will be perfect in this case.

Quantities and proportions

As everything is a matter of chemistry, it is also essential to respect the prescribed doses for each ingredient. The simplest solution is always to follow homemade cosmetic recipes that have already been tested. In Kazidomi, you will find many examples:

Various others cosmetic recipes they are still available on the site.

The material

Container, whisk, spatula, measuring spoons and pyrex transfer pipettes, small pots, knives, scissors, funnel, jars or containers… select in advance the tools you may need. Whether to do your anti-wrinkle day cream, invent your moisturizing or realize your Facial cream Anti acne home, always prefer glass containers. The authentic side is also a superior decoration in the bathroom.

The ingredients

Regarding the natural ingredients for a homemade face cream recipeThey are also very numerous. Among the most popular are the following.

Recipes according to skin type

the organic cosmetics it is really effective, but you have to select the right ingredients, the ones that meet the needs of your skin. For example, organic coconut oil will be chosen for dry skin, jojoba vegetable oil for oily skin, lemon essential oil for acne prone skin or even witch hazel hydrosol for combination skin.

You can find all your organic ingredients at Kazidomi.

Home cosmetics


Conservation also plays an important role in the quality of your home cosmetics. To prolong its shelf life, choose a dry place, away from light and sun to store your products. You can also store them in the fridge for greater efficiency.

However the homemade cosmetics does not last for a long time (usually a few weeks or only a few months). Therefore, prefer small amounts when preparing your mixes.

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