How to consume less packaging?

Do you live in a clean, healthy and prosperous world? The first step towards this ideal is reduce daily waste. Some know it and others are still in the clouds. But anyway, waste is a real danger to the planet. In fact, they are the source of many problems. Starting with pollution, the removal of raw materials, going through the destruction of biodiversity to the impact on tourism. So many harmful effects that we suffer every day. Then, Why Y how to reduce waste ? How are you going to get to reduce spending to the minimum ? Kazidomi shares with you her ecological actions to face the zero waste challenge.

Waste in France: the results in a few figures

According to studies carried out by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union, a French person produces an average of 513 kilos of waste each year and the facts date back to 2017. According to their latest publications, 30 million tons of waste have been generated by French households, that is, 8.7% of the total waste produced in France.

It goes without saying how huge it is and that we are responsible for what happens in relation to environmental pollution. Furthermore, at present, everything conditions us to produce more waste than to reduce it: overconsumption, non-degradable products, etc.

sort waste, reduce their consumption, recycling … Fortunately, we can learn to reduce our waste to participate in saving the planet!

Reduce spending

15 ways to reduce waste

Recycle your garbage

the recycling It only presents advantages for those who are followers of it. Not only does it take on its share of responsibility to respect nature, it also enables you to reduce your consumption of energy and raw materials. How to recycle waste so ? The general rule is not to throw anything away. When everything is used and transformed, garbage does not exist.

Start by sewing your used clothes instead of buying new, give new life to your jars, your jars of yogurt and jams. There is no shortage of ideas. To keep it simple, ” the best waste is the one that is not produced “.

Buy products with deposit

So that the recycling waste or taken to a higher level, when shopping, prefer the products on deposit. This sales system that consists of recovering the small additional sum that you paid at the time of purchase by returning the product packaging. In this way, you avoid the accumulation of containers and bottles in your home.

Use glass storage boxes instead of plastic wrap

How to reduce waste if you only use glass storage boxes instead of plastic containers? Glass is the ultimate eco-friendly food packaging. It is good for health and the environment thanks to its natural, waterproof, recyclable and non-toxic characteristics.

Make your garden

Reduce spending and benefit personally? If possible. Making your own garden is proof of this thanks to composting. What more could you ask for than collecting fruits and vegetables for free! This is to improve food waste by using it as a fertilizer. To do this, you must first order Household waste having a color-coded selective sort container or what we call recycling bin. Each category of waste will have its place and therefore it will be easier to recycle it. In addition, this system will also allow you to know what is the garbage whose content is not recycled.

Buy in bulk

If there is a way to reduce waste, it is to consume it in bulk. Buying in bulk provides less packaging and a moderate quantity to meet your needs. As a result, you only buy what you really need. Hence the reduction in waste and a good impact on the portfolio.

Use solid soaps

Care and beauty products are always packaged. Bottles, containers, jars … in plastic, in bags … there are of all sizes, of all aspects and of all colors for brands to stand out from the crowd. So use a Solid soap is more environmentally friendly. Its consistency means that it does not need conditioning. In the worst case, manufacturers use small recyclable packaging.

Second hand purchase

Find your best second-hand outfits. By adhering to this principle, you naturally recycle someone else’s business while saving money. Especially since it will calm our overproductive society. By the way, there is even a platform dedicated to this “Vinted”. “Trade-sale-purchase” is the motto of this international application.

Make a shopping list or make a menu

It is the simplest gesture of all. Making a list or making a menu will make you aware of staying on that list and avoiding excessive consumption. Therefore, there will be less waste in your trash can at home.

Invest in compostable packaging

Yes, not only is food compostable, packaging also has a role to play in this process, as long as it is organic. The bee wrap allows you to do it.

Using an insulated water bottle

the target is to minimize the packaging and plastic bottles placed in the trash can. Investing in a stainless steel pumpkin will help you achieve this goal. Not only is it more environmentally friendly, it is also reusable.

Opt for a bag for fruits and vegetables

Go shopping with a mesh shopping bag that you can use at any time.

Buy reusable ear cures

What better way to reduce waste than by using reusable earpicks? Instead of buying a whole box of these little cotton swabs, just go for one that will serve you much longer.

Reusable washable cotton to reduce waste.

Whether for your make-up removers, your baby tissues or square refills, it is preferable to use washable cotton. For this, we recommend the Lamazuna brand product ranges, available at Kazidomi. Just to mention the washable makeup remover wipes.

Menstrual panties

Use a cup, vintage panties, or washable towel

Sanitary pads are now reusable too. Made with 100% organic cotton, you can wash them every cycle and they are also ideal for people with sensitive skin. On the other hand, if you’re not really a fan of these organic napkins, Kazidomi’s weekly menstrual cups are another alternative too. They are made with potato peels and women will live up to their comforts due to their size and practicality.

Opt for cloth scarves

Tissues are the cheapest. After using them, you just need to wash them to use them again. Nothing easier!

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