How did Texas end up without water and electricity?

A contrasting America this morning. On the one hand, the power of a country that sends a machine to Mars, a fantastic operation. And at the same time, a part of the country that is paralyzed by a cold snapand especially Texas, where millions of people have been deprived of electricity and still lack clean water.

One Houston resident asked, like millions of Texans, this question: “How is this possible in 2021 in the United States?” How in the state that produces the most energy in the most powerful country in the world, 4 million people could find themselves without heating, without light. The families took refuge in their cars with the engine running. Others converged on churches or furniture stores that had opened their doors. At least 21 dead: from cold but also from intoxication in fires, for wanting to heat your home.

Those who had a fireplace fed her what he could: coal at the beginning, bills at the end, including children’s toys or the crib. Other states are affected by this cold wave, such as Alabama or Louisiana. But it was Texas the hardest hit.

How to explain this incredible situation?

You should know that Texas manages its own electricity distribution unlike other US states. Consequence: there are not the same standards, the same rules. For example, the local authorities never wanted to invest in protecting the facilities, particularly against the cold. As a result, wind turbines and gas fields were paralyzed.

Today, most Texans have regained electricity, but there is another problem: access to clean water. Most of the pipes are frozen. And even the water is not safe for consumption because the pipes have broken and contaminated the running water.

An ecological disaster

This cold snap is also an ecological disaster. A major operation saved 5,000 sea turtles that were transported to buildings. The images are quite impressive. In the cold, in fact, they could not move, swim and even lift their heads out of the water. Completely paralyzed, they ended up drowning.

The Texas Senator’s Mistake

And then there was a controversy, on the political ground. This is Texas Senator Ted Cruiz. The latter is a figure from the Republican Party. You can see yourself in the race for the White House if Donald Trump leaves space. He was one of the most staunch in contesting the election of Joe Biden. Woe to him, he did everything that should not be done.
While millions of Texans were without power, that some were dying, because he took a plane ticket. Address Cancun, Mexico, to spend a few days on family vacations. So it is true that it is hotter: 27 ° today.

In his defense, he said that as a good Texan he takes care of his family. Not all Texans can go to Cancun like this anymore. And by the way, the US authorities advise against going to Mexico at this time due to the coronavirus. Faced with the boom in the media and on social networks, Cruiz returned within 24 hours. However, you can be sure that your mistake, your opponents will use it very often.

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