How did Oprah Winfrey become the queen of the media?

To speak of Oprah Winfrey is to open the novel to a part of modern American history. This television host even earned the nickname “Queen of the Media” thanks to her famous interviews with celebrities. The most recent: the interview with Meghan and Harry.

This interview, which caused a stir, is a model of its kind. The way she makes the people in front of her feel confident, her ability to listen, and her way of feeling outraged are the hallmarks of what Americans affectionately call “Oprah.” Oprah Winfrey is friends with the stars and the powerful. But she is not afraid to face them because she knows that she is as powerful as them … even more.

But this success was far from being written. Oprah Winfrey was raised her first six years by her grandmother and had a difficult childhood. As a teenager, he was sexually abused. Regardless, Oprah Winfrey is a good student and develops an impressive strength of character.

Your tv show The Oprah Winfrey Show will become an institution and will be known worldwide for her interviews. In any case, she is still there, to make “big shots”, and the interview with Meghan and Harry is once again proof of that.

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