Hochul: WNY is in a “tense situation” as Covid-19 cases exceed all-time highs | local news

“There are two directions this community can go in. The first is to go back to where we were … a month ago in October, when we had an infection rate of 1.2 to 1.5%. Or we could end up in a situation where the numbers go up by 2%.” Or another 3 or 4 percentage points, which necessitates some very harsh and difficult lockdowns, which the experts recommended. “

Brown and Bollencares said western New York must be united as a community to stem the growing wave of issues.

Brown added, noting that he was aware of the inconvenience caused by the governor’s new procedures for companies and individuals: “Death is very uncomfortable.”

Ken said local medical experts are monitoring the increase in the infection rate.

“I know the one message we all want to give to people in western New York – we’ve said this before – is to help stop the spread,” Kane said.

New York and neighboring countries announced new restrictions this week. Starting Friday, home gatherings, both indoors and out, are scheduled for 10 in New York State. Also, bars, restaurants, and gyms statewide should close at 10 PM

“We will not make any changes today or at the end of the week,” Cuomo told reporters at a news briefing. “We want to see the effect of the changes in our policy.”

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