HisMane beard and mustache styler and comb with scissors. Beard styler for beard stylist

price: 600.00 Indian Rupees 287.00 Indian Rupees
(As of Jan 27, 2021 14:14:23 UTC – details)

Get the best styled beard and mustache look with the Hismane Beard Shaping & Styling Tool & Scissors. Two side combs of different sizes ensure perfect and effective combing of a long or short beard or mustache. It comes with tilted circular scissors that ensure that you do not harm yourself while cutting your facial hair. The innovative also helps trim any nose or ear hair, and ensures that the trimmer, clipper or face is cleaned of any easy-to-use beard trimmer to easily glide the beard oil all over your beard and mustache. Make a perfect gift for your bearded friend making it a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your boyfriend or husband.

For styled beards, ideal beard styling tool and template for neckline, cheek line, jawline, sideburns or goatee
With brushing tips to help clean up any beard ends left over from your trimming or styling session
Create the Perfect Gift Comes in a clean, easy-to-store package to make the perfect gift to your bearded friend or yourself. IDEAL VALENTINES DAY, a gift for bearded men.
Perfect symmetry Shave along the edges with a Philips shaver or clipper / trimmer.

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