Here’s how the PS5 storage expansion works

Recently, there have been some rumors circulating around the tours claiming that Sony may be launching the PlayStation 5’s M.2 expansion slot through a firmware update sometime this summer. This is probably refreshing news for any actual or potential PlayStation 5 owner, because if there’s one thing the console needs, it’s more storage. After leaving the console generation where 1 TB internal storage proved to be too little for many gamers, the PlayStation 5 comes with an 825GB SSD, which is limited to 667GB of usable space.

That’s not much, especially when you consider that games will only take up more storage space in this generation. In short, Sony cannot launch this M.2 expansion slot soon enough, as 667 GB of usable storage will occupy a lot of space once games start in PlayStation 5 on a consistent basis.

So what will the storage upgrade process look like on the PlayStation 5? It appears to be a fairly simple procedure, but there will be a minimal amount of PS5 disassembly required.

As Sony showed us in the process of disassembling the PS5 prior to the PlayStation launch (included above), adding the M.2 expansion drive requires removing one of the side panels and then removing the gray panel that covers the M.2 expansion slot, which is located next to the large console’s cooling fan.

From there, all you need to do is insert your M.2 drive and then you should be fine – assuming Sony has already provided this firmware update and you have purchased an M.2 drive compatible with PlayStation 5.

In the same video, Sony explains that the expansion slot uses the PCIe 4.0 interface, and while PCIe 4.0 M.2 storage drives are available, PS5 engineer Mike Cerny indicated that Sony will conduct a compatibility test to only inform us which drives will be compatible with the console.

So while we hear that Sony may offer a firmware update to run the expansion slot this summer, don’t go out and buy an M.2 drive yet, even if it’s PCIe 4.0. Instead, wait for Sony to publish a compatibility list so you can ensure your drive will not only be fast enough to work with the PS5, but will also fit well to slot and play well with the PS5’s IO controller.

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