Here’s a rare look at the Nintendo 64DD development kit, in surprise

Throughout gaming history, there have been a lot of devices that either saw a limited release or never launched in the first place, and so it’s hard to find today. We take a look at a device like this today as the Nintendo 64DD development kit came in pretty good shape. 64DD is indeed a fairly rare device on its own, and the fact that this is a development kit makes this find even rarer.

The Nintendo 64DD was, as many people know, a disc-based facility for the Nintendo 64. Released at the end of the 64’s lifespan, the 64DD was eventually only launched in Japan and did not work well there, with only 10 discs released for the add-on prior to It was discontinued in February 2001, just over a year after it was launched in December 1999.

We’re seeing this development kit thanks to Rerez host Shane Luis, who the owner (an unnamed private video game collector) asked for help opening and documenting it. The 64DD Development Kit had never been used before, and given that the actual 64DD only sold about 15,000 units before the plug was pulled out, it’s very likely that this is the only new 64DD development kit out there.

In a long line on Twitter, we took a look at not only the Development Kit itself, but the blue test cartridges I used (our 64DD retail cartridges were gray, just like the N64 strollers). We also gave a look at the converters that surprisingly use the development kit and original box; Its good condition was made all the more impressive by the fact that the 64DD development kits were apparently only stored in Styrofoam and then covered with a thin cardboard cover.

With everything assembled, the N64 Development Kit is a great sight to behold. Be sure to take a look at the full thread, which we included above, because Lewis did an excellent job of documenting everything that was included in this development kit, something we are not likely to see again in the future.

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