He calls for intensifying blame on Giuliani for his work as Trump’s lawyer

The list included Acting United States Attorney General Stuart M Gerson, former US county judges H. Lee Sarokin and Vern M Smith, and two former State Attorneys, Scott Harshbarger of Massachusetts and Grant Woods of Arizona. The complaint was also signed by prosecutors who worked for the same United States Attorney’s office in the Southern District of New York that Mr. Giuliani led during the 1980s, including Christine H.

Ms. Chung, a member of the steering committee of Lawyers Defending American Democracy, the organization that filed the complaint, said that the group had reviewed the work Mr. Giuliani did on behalf of Mr. Trump, and that it amounted to a “purposeful campaign” go to the American people with a lie about stolen elections. ” “.

“This is a man who once headed the highest prosecutor offices in this nation, and he knows what fraud is and what is not,” said Ms. Chung, who had not worked in the US attorney general’s office during Mr. Giuliani’s tenure. “Attacking a rule of law lawyer is impermissible and dangerous,” she added.

Ms. Chung said she expected “thousands” of people from the legal community to sign the complaint.

The complaint, which calls for Mr. Giuliani’s license to practice law to be suspended while his conduct is investigated, is one of several that have been filed with the Grievances Board. This comes a week after New York State Senator Brad Hellman, chair of the Judiciary Committee, called for the state court system to start. The formal process of stripping Mr. Giuliani of his license to practice law.

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