Havells 4-Way Extension Board 6A (White) – Heavy-duty 1.5m cord

price: 513.00 S.R – INR 314.00
(As of January 22, 2021 05:13:15 UT – details)

When it comes to thinking of important things like wires and extension panels, you should always choose the best one. A simple mistake in choosing some of these improvement products can do great harm to your home and the residents too. You might say you’re confused because it’s tough to get the best from a wide variety of extension panels. If you really want the most perfect product, one that reflects both class and quality, bring home Havells 10A Quartet Extension Board today.
Rating -6A, 240V (1440VA). Not compatible with any rating exceeding 6A
4 universal sockets with a master switch
LED indicator for power status
Wire length: 1.5m, wire thickness: 0.5m2
Strong inbuilt impulse protection
Enough spaces between plugs to accommodate them

Duty Board Electrical Extension Wire Four-Way Havells Heavy White Wire Meter

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