Have Russia, China and Iran tried to manipulate the results?

An American intelligence report has just been declassified. It is about the conduction of the last presidential elections. Relations with Moscow will remain fresh. Indeed, it seems that Russia tried to manipulate the results. And the important thing is that Vladimir Putin, himself, authorized these operations. How? ‘Or what? Attempting to denigrate Joseph Biden by influencing those close to Donald Trump.

The report does not give a name, but Rudolph Giuliani appears between the lines. Vladimir Putin is said to be closely associated with Ukrainian MP Andrei Derkach, considered a Russian agent for the United States. The last transmission Audio recordings allegedly showing Joe Biden and his son involved in illegal activities in Ukraine.. A rhetorical rhetoric by Rudolph Giuliani, especially in his memorable press conference where his hair color was sweating. The goal was thus to change the public’s perception of the Democratic candidate. Basically, it messes up your image.

According to the report, Moscow soon realized that Joe Biden was going to win anyway. But these attacks had another purpose: to weaken the United States. This report is going to have an impact because, according to CNN, The White House is reportedly preparing sanctions for next week. The Biden administration says it’s thinking. In any case, she does not deny it.

China would not have carried out an attack

But this intelligence report is not just about Moscow. Indeed, Tehran and Beijing are also mentioned, to varying degrees. Iran has reportedly attempted a very selective operation against Donald Trump. Iran did not want the latter to be re-elected. For example, the hackers posed as members of the far-right group “Proud Boys” and sent threatening messages to Democratic voters.

The objective was to spread the rumor that the “Proud Boys” were the armed wing of Donald Trump. The operation failed, but it showed that countries other than Russia would have liked to disrupt the US elections. Economic attacks, according to intelligence services, and states can easily deny their participation. Notice that China would not have carried out attacks, contrary to what Donald Trump said. She would have considered doing it, but would have backed down. Importantly, according to the report, Beijing did not see an advantage in supporting one candidate over another.

Real report or communication coup?

A priori, however, this case is not comparable to Russian interference in the 2016 elections, because Russia and Iran would have compromised the security of electoral operations. but there would have been no impact on the votes or the count. They would have reached the gates of the wholesale system. In 2016, Russia reportedly gained access to Democratic Party mailboxes, posted fake videos on social media, and constantly tried to hijack election-run websites to fake the vote.

There would have been no attempt to reverse the vote, that is, to take control of the counting machine. Nevertheless, This type of intelligence report is also a communication weapon.. They claim that the elections were not compromised. But if he had, would they say so? At the moment no one can confirm or deny, but at least we can ask the question.

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