Guest mode is now available on Google smart home devices

In an official blog, Google announced the launch of guest mode on speakers and displays. Notably, this will ensure that user interactions with Google’s smart speakers or displays are not saved to their accounts.

Google Nest and Home Speakers, along with several other smart speakers and displays, will receive this guest mode update. Google says this new feature is another easy way to control your privacy.

Moreover, this feature will be launched in English first and is expected to spread to other devices and languages ​​in the future. When guest mode is on, Google Assistant will stop smart speaker or screen on acting as personal assistant.

In guest mode, users will still be able to ask questions, control smart home devices, set timers, play music, etc. However, they will not be able to access personal results, for example, calendar entries or contacts.

If a user wants to access personal entries in a calendar or contact, they must first turn off guest mode. To enable this feature, you just need to say, “Hey Google, turn on guest mode”.

The guest mode on smart home devices is similar to the incognito mode in Chrome

Users can see this new guest mode feature for smart home devices as the incognito mode in Chrome. You are capable of almost everything like normal mode. The only difference is that search history is not saved in incognito mode.

Google highlighted some other features, and said that once guest mode is enabled, the device will automatically delete audio recordings and assistant activities from the device’s owner account.

However, apps such as Google Maps, YouTube or other media, and guest-mode smart home services may still save activity. To turn off this feature, just ask Google to turn the feature off.

If you are not sure whether guest mode is on or not, you can ask the assistant, “Is guest mode on?” According to Google Product Manager, Philippe de Laurand Pierre Paul, this feature will be useful when guests come.

They will not have to worry about their interactions being saved to the currently registered user account. This new guest mode feature is available on Nest speakers and is offered in English.

On smart displays, you’ll see an empty profile when guest mode is enabled. For more information on Google Guest Mode, you can head to // Official Google Blog.

Google guest mode

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