GTA Online will finally load faster thanks to the player

People may have some stereotypes and preconceptions about how game developers look and work, but, as with any of these concepts, the reality is a lot different and sometimes even more bizarre. True, these are professionals in their trade but even the pros make mistakes or overlook some things, especially when there are several chefs involved. Sometimes it can take two new eyes to identify some performance issue, and fortunately for both GTA Online players and one particular programmer, Rocksteady was more than willing to take the bug.

As an online game, some might assume that GTA Online will offload at least some of the workload on the remote servers. Even if it still needs to do some number crunching on the player’s side, powerful computers should do a short job. Unfortunately, trying the online version of the popular and infamous Grand Theft Auto franchise was the exact opposite, but thankfully, the fix was relatively simple.

In fact, the only programmer named t0st figured out why GTA Online loads very slowly even on thicker drilling rigs. Apparently, the game was using only a single thread of execution on the CPU, which is something quite old given the multi-core and multi-threaded nature of even the least powerful processors today. This was apparently the only bottleneck causing the game to load slowly even if the rest of the game was performing as expected.

The good news is that the developer of GTA Online Rockstar confirmed That this is indeed the case and that a fix will come to address this. While it might be an over-simplification of the amount of work required to implement the repair and make sure there are no harmful side effects, it at least now gives players hope that it won’t take months to address the issue.

Even the best news is that t0st appears to be rewarded for spotting this bug. Rockstar has confirmed that a $ 10,000 bonus is given to the programmer, a prize usually reserved only for security or privacy bugs.

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