Grieving the death of his son, a Maryland lawmaker fights to impeach Trump

On that, Mr. Ruskin has a short and long answer. First, the short answer: “The people who say why is he isolated now should ask: Why does he continue to commit crimes that warrant impeachment until the end of his term?”

The long book, which Mr. Raskin, who has written two books on Supreme Court cases, intends to hand in on Wednesday in the House of Representatives, begins this way: “We came close to experiencing a coup in America. It was like an attempted coup wrapped in violent riots wrapped in some Cosmetic protests abroad. “

He continued, “The president has provided all kinds of assistance, comfort and advice to the mob. This is intolerable. It takes us in a very dangerous direction as a society. America is a country based on common sense. We must now use our common sense to identify the deadly danger to our people, the Congress, our leaders and the entire nation. This president is a danger. Clear and based on our country. “

Mr. Raskin, 58, is an instantly recognizable figure on the Capitol. He was once described as looking like a mad scientist, even though he started combing his hair afterward. He has a zeal that is infectious for the American constitution and history. He has been steeped in liberal activism since he was a little kid.

His father is Marcus Ruskin Who passed away in 2017He was an aide to President John F. Kennedy and a fierce opponent of the Vietnam War. In 1970, Mr. Ruskin the Elder received a portion of the Pentagon Papers, a classified study of American decision-making in Vietnam, from its author, Daniel Ellsberg, and helped deliver it to the reporter. Neil Sheehan From The New York Times.

Mr. Raskin the Younger keeps a clip from the Washington Post from 1964 with a picture of him as he is two years old holding a banner at a protest. When he was six years old, his father took him to the First Freedom Cider, the Easter meal that brought Jews and blacks together a year after the assassination of Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Thomas Plum Ruskin, named after Revolutionary War figure Thomas Paine, was the heir to this legacy. The only son and second child of Mr. Ruskin and his wife, Sarah Plum Ruskin, was a deputy Treasury secretary under President Barack Obama and a former member of the Federal Reserve. They also have two daughters, Tabitha, 23, and Hana, 28.

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