Grand Theft Auto V returns to Xbox Game Pass, leading the April add-ons

Microsoft unveiled a new roster of games heading to Xbox Game Pass in the first half of the month, and a big name is at the top of the mission. He’ll be driving Game Pass addons for April Grand Theft Auto V, Which will be a big comeback to Xbox Game Pass this week. Beside of Grand Theft Auto V, April will be fairly quiet for service – or at least it will be until we get to the last half of the month.

Grand Theft Auto V It will return to Xbox Game Pass on April 8, which is Thursday. GTA V game It only joins console and cloud iteration for Xbox Game Pass, so PC players will have to sit in on this game for now. On April 8th, GTA V game Will join him Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Cloud, console, and PC), Disneyland Adventures (Cloud) and Rush: A Disney / Pixar Adventure (Cloud).

We’ll see on April 12th NHL 21 Join the console version of Xbox Game Pass via EA Play, then on April 15th, we have releases It is raining on your parade (Cloud, console, and PC) and a path (PC). This is what happens in the first two weeks of April, so after two big months for Xbox Game Pass, things seem to be slowing down a bit this month.

They will be back again later in the month, as we’ll see MLB Show 21 Come to Xbox Game Pass the same day it releases: April 20. That’s a huge deal for Xbox Game Pass, because MLB Show 21 It was developed by Sony’s first San Diego Studio. This is the first time MLB Show The franchise has become cross-platform, and this is the first time we’ve seen a first-party Sony game coming to Xbox Game Pass.

As always, there are a number of titles that will leave Xbox Game Pass soon as well. On April 15th, We handed over the moonAnd Robot Cat, And fox They’ll all leave the console and PC versions of Xbox Game Pass. The console version of EA Play will also see a lot of games leave, such as Madden 15And Madden 16And Madden 17And Madden 18And Madden 25And NHL 18, And NHL 19 Everyone will leave on April 16th. If you are currently playing any of these titles, be sure to finish them before they disappear from service.

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