Government-supplied masks are said to be toxic.

Following the first wave of the coronavirus pandemic last June, the Avrox company provided 15 million masks in Belgium, which have since been available free of charge in pharmacies. But from now on, the Belgian health authorities recommend not to use the masks of this Luxembourg company.

In fact, in a letter sent this Tuesday to the Minister of Health Frank Vandenbroucke, made public by the Superior Council of Health (CSS) and transmitted by 20 minutes, it is written that these masks include risk of inhaling toxic substances. In question, the presence of silver nanoparticles and titanium dioxide in these washable fabric masks.

The company allegedly treated these masks with a silver nitrate-based anti-mold product, or money can be harmful depending on the “degree of inhalation”, specifies the CSS which therefore recommends to stop using these skins.

You should know that a controversy broke out last spring when the Luxembourg company Avrox was awarded this public contract. The award of this contract, estimated at more than 30 million euros, it has also been the subject of an investigation by the Brussels prosecutor’s office for eight months.

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