gorilla treated with recovered coronavirus antibodies

Winston had been infected with the coronavirus at the San Diego Zoo in California. This 48-year-old gorilla has since received an experimental treatment based on synthetic antibodies, indicated the establishment, Monday, January 25. Winston is the ‘first case of natural transmission of Covid-19 to great apes’, reports Western france. According to an investigation, he would have been infected by an asymptomatic employee, “who nevertheless wore gloves.”

The great primate who suffered from pneumonia and heart disease finally recovered from the disease. He was treated with a cocktail of heart medications, antibiotics, and “monoclonal” antibodies. According to animal caregivers, “the antibodies may have contributed to their ability to overcome” the disease, the zoo explained, specifying that this treatment is not usable for humans.

In this animal park, other primates had also tested positive January 11. “The group has been infected with a new, highly contagious variant of the coronavirus that was recently identified in California,” announced the San Diego Zoo Global, the association that manages the establishment that plans to vaccinate other animals. Vaccine based on a synthetic version of the surface protein of the virus.

The use of “monoclonal” antibodies has been approved last November by the US health authorities. This therapy was prescribed to former President Donald Trump in October, after he had just tested positive for the virus. Designed in laboratories, these antibodies mimic the functioning of the immune system after contamination by the coronavirus.

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