GoPro Labs update adds new tricks to their cameras

GoPro has released a new firmware update for GoPro Labs. The update brings up to seven new ‘innovative and experimental’ features to the company’s main compatible cameras.

To start, users can now set the camera to start or stop recording when the device is in motion. So if the camera is attached to your bike helmet, for example, and you want to record your ride, you can set it to stop recording automatically as soon as you stop. The latest firmware update also adds similar functionality when power is flowing. This allows GoPro to act as a dashcam, and take snapshots automatically when USB power is detected.

GoPro says it has also improved the cameras’ motion detection capabilities, with improvements in the sensitivity range. Plus, motion detection now works in all video modes, including the 360-degree motion detection on the GoPro Max.

Compatible GoPro cameras also get new QR code functionality. You can use the QR code to quickly connect the camera to Wi-Fi and start live broadcasting. QR code controls for 5K and HindSight capture for GoPro Hero9 Black are now supported.

The latest firmware Update For GoPro Labs, it adds a “one-button” mode. This feature limits controls to only starting and stopping capture. One cannot use the buttons on the device to change camera modes. This is ideal for new users, or if you are loaning your camera to someone and don’t want to change your custom camera settings.

For advanced GoPro users, the company is adding more “Professional” mode settings as well. You can now set timed exposure lock and minimum shutter speed settings for the camera.

GoPro adds new features to its GoPro Labs software

GoPro launched GoPro Labs again in May 2019. The program gives users of select flagship cameras early access to the experimental and under development features that the company is testing behind the scenes. GoPro Labs was initially unlocked only for GoPro Hero8 Black. The company has now expanded the program to support the Hero9 Black, Hero7 Black, and GoPro Max models as well.

GoPro previously released features like wake timers, saving preferred settings, camera customization, and more to GoPro Labs. Some of these experimental features have now been officially rolled out to identify models.

If you have a compatible GoPro camera, you can download the latest GoPro Labs firmware from your official website To access the newly added features. You can find a step-by-step guide on “How to Update GoPro Manually” Here.

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