Google Tracking Cookie Scheme vetted by UK Antitrust Probe

Google plans to end support for third-party cookie tracking in Chrome Brower. As I mentioned Technology radar This goal is being investigated by the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

As most of us are well aware by now, Google has always had issues with antitrust authorities across various backgrounds and scenarios. The company faced a number of hearings and investigations last year as regulators became tougher on the matter.

In October, Google faced the first hearing in one lawsuit against the US Department of Justice (DOJ). This story first surfaced in July when it emerged that Google would face a lawsuit in 2020 for its actions.

Now it appears the company may be facing some issues in the UK. The UK regulator has launched an investigation under Chapter 2 of the UK Competition Act 1998. It claims that there are “suspected violations of competition law by Google”.

UK regulator launches investigation into Google’s cookie tracking

The move follows an original complaint in November by a consortium of digital marketing companies. They asked the Capital Market Authority to prevent Google from implementing what they described as a “privacy protection fund.”

It has now been found that the CMA has also received a number of complaints from newspapers as well as other tech companies. They claim Google is misusing its position of power within the industry.

This corporate consortium welcomed the investigation as “vital to the future of all Internet businesses.”

However, Google was quick to respond to the allegations and investigate. The statement stated that “Privacy Sandbox has been an open initiative from the beginning and we welcome the participation of CMA as we are developing new proposals to support a healthy, ad-supported web without third-party cookies.”

Google originally said it would implement “Sandbox” in 2021 but it now appears that that may be delayed until the following year.

Anti-tracking measures by browsers are widely a reaction by the company to consumer distaste for the amount of data extracted from users. This is what led to the overall disappearance of third-party cookies.

However, in this case, it appears that Google has used privacy as a convenient excuse to increase its market power. The Capital Market Authority commented on the balance between privacy and competition.

He stated that it “is looking into how best to address legitimate privacy concerns without distorting competition.”

One of the main issues with removing tracking cookies is what will replace them. Currently there are a number of different proposals but nothing specific.

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