Google resumes political ads and eased the ban last month

Google said on Monday it will lift a ban it imposed last month on political ads on its platform after the unrest surrounding the violent uprising at the US Capitol Building.

A Google statement told AFP that the internet giant would lift the ban from Wednesday after orders were issued to comply with the “sensitive events” policy.

“We will continue to strictly enforce our advertising policies, which strictly prohibit false information that can be proven and that could seriously undermine confidence in the elections or the democratic process,” the statement said.

The ban ordered on January 13th to block any ads that sought to undermine the credibility of the US presidential election prior to Joe Biden’s inauguration.

The internet giant said at the time that it was temporarily suspending all political ads as well as those indicating impeachment, the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden, or protests in Washington because they could be used to “exploit the event or amplify disinformation.”

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