Google Messages starts getting end-to-end encryption for RCS

Google announced that it will provide end-to-end encryption for RCS in its beta Android Messages app. For those who don’t know, RCS (Rich Communication Services) is the next generation of messaging standards and protocols.

For your information, the RCS feature was previously available to users in limited regions. Google was working to expand the RCS feature in more areas.

Note that there are no special requirements to access RCS features. However, there are a few criteria you should keep in mind if you want to use the RCS service.

The first thing is that you have to make sure that the other person you are communicating with should be chatting active in Android Messages.

Aside from expanding RCS, Google is also rolling out the end-to-end encryption feature. This makes it much safer for you and your chat partner to chat via Android Messages app.

Google Message Encryption will arrive in beta testers, starting this month

This feature is just like what you have with WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, or other encrypted chat apps. With this feature, all messages will be accessible to both you and your chat partner. Even Google will not be able to access it.

Google has not mentioned any specific date for the launch of the end-to-end encryption feature. But the post states that it will be released to beta testers starting this month.

Google has been slowly rolling out RCS to users in different countries since last year, via the stable channel. This feature allows using emojis, HD photo / video sharing, internet connection status, and many other features.

End-to-end encryption will only work for individual chats. Group chats will be excluded, at least for now.

For more information on these new features, you can head to Official Google Blog.

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