Google Inks handles Italian news content on Showcase

Milan: Alphabet Inc’s Google said today that it has entered into agreements with several Italian publishers to provide access to some of their content on the US tech giant’s Showcase news platform.

The Google News Showcase is a global way to pay news publishers for their online content and a new service that will allow participating publishers to sponsor content and provide limited access to stories protected by the unsubscribe system for users.

The agreement was signed with a number of Italian publishers, including RCS Mediagroup, which publishes the daily Corriere della Sera as well as the popular daily Gazzetta dello Sport, the publisher of the financial daily Il Sole 24 ore, Caltagirone editore, which owns the Rome-based newspaper. Il Messaggero and Monrif, which publish local newspapers such as Il Giorno and La Nazione.

To date, 13 Italian editors have entered into agreements with Google, giving users access to content from 76 national and local newspapers.

“We are delighted to have reached this agreement which, by regulating the issue of related rights as well, realizes the importance of the quality of information and the authority of our publications,” said Urbano Cairo, CEO of RCS in a statement.

Financial details of the deal were not disclosed.

News publishers have long struggled with the world’s most popular internet search engine for compensation for the use of their content, with European media groups leading.

Google said in October that it plans to pay publishers worldwide $ 1 billion for their news over the next three years via Showcase, which will launch first in Germany, and then in Belgium, India, the Netherlands and other countries.

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