Google announces an urgent fix for Coronavirus tracking app issues

After an urgent investigation into the issues with Android to track the Coronavirus, Google said a fix is ​​on its way. As I mentioned the edge The company scrambled to get this fix in place after delays surfaced around the world.

Google has launched a number of initiatives and features to help provide information and help fight the pandemic. These spanning platforms and systems including providing travel advice in search as a fairly straightforward integration.

The company has also launched a coronavirus hub site sponsored by Governemnt. This serves as a focal point for obtaining information about the epidemic in the United States. As you’d expect from Google, the site is very broad for its reach.

However, the company’s exposure notifications system to track the spread of the pandemic was one of its most ambitious innovations. Now it appears that there have been some significant issues with the Android platform.

Google offers a fix for coronavirus tracking delays

Reported issues include longer load times and delays in notifications for regular exposure checks. This affects the NHS COVID-19 app used across England and Wales. Many encountered a stuck loading notification in the notifications area.

A Google spokesperson initially spoke about the problem in a statement released early on January 13th. They said, “We are aware of an issue affecting Android applications developed with the Android exposure notification system.” They went on to say that the engineers were investigating.

Later in the day, Google reported that the issue had been resolved. However, they indicated that the problems could take a while to go away. Google has also said that it will work with select developers if issues persist.

A Google spokesperson summed up the situation in a lengthy statement. The result of this statement was that Google had reported a fix for the issue that may last for a while. However, the spokesperson insisted that “the problem did not cause any potential data loss or exposures.”

Google has since provided some additional details which reveal that the issues are with signing key configuration. This means that applications have had problems configuring the signing key.

This led to major delays in users receiving their notifications which was a big problem due to the nature of the app.

Hopefully, this will put an end to the problems with this particular piece of coronavirus technology. As a result, given its importance in providing information to those who self-isolate, any delay in this program could cause major problems.

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