Google Ads is dominated by Australia amid a wider media change

Sydney: Australia announced Thursday that it may allow internet users to choose the data they provide to major tech companies such as Google, limiting internet giants’ ability to access user records online to sell exchange products.

The new proposals of the Australian Competition and Consumers Committee (ACCC) aim to change digital advertising and challenge the dominance of Google and Facebook Inc.

The regulator’s statement on Thursday also said the country may introduce a system to identify anonymous internet users so that advertisers can monitor other ads their potential customers click on.

The proposals add a new element to the antitrust regulator’s campaign to verify the power of online giants in the country’s ailing media market.

The government is already planning to have so-called Big Tech players pay the media for content that brings traffic to their websites, a measure that internet companies have been opposed to.

The digital advertising proposals will seek to loosen the grip of these companies on the A $ 3.4 billion online advertising market.

“There is a real lack of competition, selection and transparency in this industry,” ACCC Chairman Rod Sims said in a statement that Google’s share of Australian advertising revenue ranges between 50% and 100% depending on the service.

“These problems add to the cost of advertising for companies, which will ultimately affect the prices consumers pay,” Sims added.

In its 222-page interim report on the digital advertising market, the ACCC said that allowing internet users to choose the internet platform they share their search data with could boost competition among online advertising suppliers and reduce the competitive advantage of large platforms.

A final report is due to be sent to the government in August.

Google and Facebook representatives in Australia were not immediately available for comment.

Australian Treasury Secretary Josh Freidenberg said in a statement that the government “notes the ACCC’s concerns about the competitiveness and continued dominance of tech giants” but did not say whether it supported the proposals.

“We need to ensure that our regulatory frameworks keep pace with the changes that are driven by digital platforms,” ​​the statement said.

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